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What is Space Clearing – Feng Shui!

Space Clearing is a beautiful, profound, and sacred ceremony that cleanses and consecrates the energy of physical space. It is a higher form of Feng Shui that focuses on the energetic space instead of the placement of objects in space. The sacred ceremony uplifts your physical space or land and unblocks stagnant energy frequencies that are holding you back from your goals, desires, and achievements in life.

Why Do A Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is a specialized branch of Feng Shui. Our home is an extension of our inner space. When the frequency of the external space is not in alignment with the vibration of who we are and where we want to be in life, we experience a disruption in flow. When we have this disruption, we don’t feel at home in our space or within ourselves. This disruption can also be experienced in our business and place of work.

Creating a Safe Space

When sharing the beautiful ceremony of space clearing with others, I feel passionate about creating a heartfelt, joyful, and safe space from which to work while I facilitate the co-creative process of transformation. I feel honored to facilitate this transformation as new energies open up in my clients’ lives, they begin to embody new ways of being that allow them to manifest the life they would like to live, and they are ready to ignite their life.

For Space Clearing sessions, I come to your home, business, or other physical space. This is an on-site ceremony.

Flower Mandala Ceremony

During a ceremony, I create a sacred environment to listen to your needs, challenges, and desired outcomes. I connect intuitively with your needs to clear your space and to enhance the flow of new frequencies. As part of the space clearing, I create a beautiful flower mandala, which is unique to your space with flowers and candles. It is a symbolic representation of the ceremony's focus and an anchor for the energy frequencies.

Space Clearing sessions can help with:

  • ● Overcoming challenges in your life with grace

  • ● Removing energies that are not flowing in the home, office, building, or other physical space

  • ● Preparing the space for a newborn, a new relationship, or a marriage

  • ● Enhancing relationships at home, work, or in groups and communities

  • ● Health challenges and illness

  • ● Feeling stuck, such as not being able to sell property, change careers, or have a child

  • ● Habitual patterns such as addictions, compulsive eating, smoking, drinking, negative thinking

  • ● Moving into a new home or business space and clearing out the old energies from prior occupants

  • ● Purchasing or selling property

  • ● Business improvement and growth

  • ● Making important decisions

After a Space Clearing session, you may experience:

  • ● Increased vitality and health

  • ● Healthier relationships with family, partners, co-workers, and community members

  • ● Starting a new relationship

  • ● Having a child

  • ● Recovery, healing, and gaining back your health

  • ● Cultivation of a wholesome relationship with your body and health

  • ● Completion of important projects

  • ● Reconnecting with your inner power, joy, and purpose

  • ● Spiritual development

  • ● Business growth and profitability

  • ● Ease in making decisions and moving forward in life

Worldwide Space Clearing Services

I am available for space clearing services in homes, offices, healing centers, or anywhere that needs an energetic clearing. I will travel anywhere in the U.S. as well as overseas, especially in Central and South America and Spain.

Client Praise

"She conducted a space clearing in my home/office which transformed my space once when I bought the house and after a few years. This helped me focus my energy to attract both new work and also a new partner in my life. On top of all her wonderful skills and qualities, she is a delightful and joyful person.”

—J.B., Santa Rosa, CA

Book Your Space Clearing Session

Process for booking a Space Clearing session: First, we have an appointment by phone or zoom. During this time, we discuss your specific needs, the size of your space, and goals/intentions. We then establish a schedule, a time, and a date for me to travel to your place. After our first meeting, I will prepare the cost estimate. Fees include the in-person session with Daissy, materials, and travel expenses.


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