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Beautiful Mandala Ceremonies for Special Occasions

Manala ceremony for your wedding.
Daissy can officiate your wedding and create a flower mandala for the ceremony.

Mandala Ceremony for Weddings and Officiating

A flower mandala is a beautiful symbolic offering that allows the bride and groom to focus their joy, desires, and happiness and set their intentions for their life together. The flower mandala can be on the floor, outdoors, or on a table. Often the bride and groom stand on the mandala as part of the wedding ceremony. Daissy is also ordained to officiate weddings, if desired. She then creates a beautiful flower mandala together with leading the ceremony.

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Mandala ceremony for the birth of your child.
Mandala ceremony for blessing of a new baby.
Mandala Ceremony for

Birth Blessings

Honor a new family member with a beautiful flower mandala to set all your intentions for the new life. Births are joyous moments you can capture with a beautiful mandala ritual and include other family members.

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Mandala ceremony for memorials are powerful.
Life tribute mandala ceremonies
Mandala Ceremony for

Memorials – Life Tributes

Honoring our loved ones with a mandala ceremony allows us to process our loss, pay tribute to those who have passed, and find closure. Incorporating a mandala ceremony into your memorial, whether indoors or outdoors, adds a symbolic offering to the spirits of those who have passed and allows one to focus one’s intentions for who has transitioned from this life. It is a wonderful way to honor a loved one.

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Mandala ceremonies are great for life transitions.
If you leave a home or relationship, you can honor the past with
Mandala Ceremony for

Life Transitions

Life is full of meaningful transitions, some of which are significant markers in one’s life. Leaving a home, relationship or changing jobs is an excellent time to hold a mandala ceremony. Daissy helps people set their intentions for the next phase while honoring the past.

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Mandala ceremony for honoring a new relationship.
Mandala ceremony for a new home
Mandala Ceremony for

New Relationships, Home, Business or Other Ventures

Want to manifest a new relationship, business, or music venture? A mandala ceremony can help you set your intentions and attract new energy and activity into your life. Whether you want to attract the perfect life partner, a new business partner, secure business financing, or launch a whole new venture, this special spiritual ritual helps you channel your intentions for the new activity you want to create in your life. Mandala ceremonies are also a meaningful way to bless a new home for you and your family!

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The preparation of a mandala ceremony
Worldwide Sacred Ceremonies

Mandala Rituals Services

For Mandala Ceremonies, Daissy comes to your home, business, or other physical space. This is on-site work. She will travel anywhere in the U.S. as well as overseas, having a special focus on Central and South America and Spain.

Please go to our About Us page to learn more about Daissy or read our clients’ praises from previous sacred ceremonies officiated by Daissy.

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Process for Booking a Mandala Ceremony: First, we have an appointment by phone or video. During this time, we discuss details such as your specific wishes and requests, including the place and time for the ceremony. We then establish a schedule for me to travel to the destination. The price depends on your location, travel time, and size of your space or land.


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