Praises for Daissy & Farias Alchemy

“Daissy Farias Koch is an exceptionally gifted healer and teacher who has been present in my life for over twelve years. She has given me support in all aspects of my existence and the power of my body to heal itself. I came through a serious diagnosis and accident four years ago because of Daissy’s powerful healing ability and training in positive mind focus. Daissy’s affirmations and spiritual insights are with me every moment in my work, my spiritual practice, and the daily challenges we all face. I feel blessed to have Daissy in my life. She radiates love, health, and positive healing energy to all beings everywhere.”

C.P., Artist/Painter

“Over the years, Daissy has been extremely helpful to me in dealing with a series of emotional and physical challenges and injuries. Her ability to listen deeply and bring clarity and light to any situation that presented itself each time we met was invaluable. She helped me go deeper into the blockages and challenges I faced and come out a more whole and happier person. She helped me avoid a knee surgery and helped me heal from a frozen shoulder. I have also recommended her to a variety of my friends and colleagues and we all agree that Daissy is uniquely skilled to assist with a variety of life’s issues and problems. She is a delight to work with!”

J.B., Santa Rosa, CA

“I can highly recommend Daissy as an energy healer. I started out going to her for massage to help me alleviate my anxiety disorder, but our sessions quickly turned into work on my energy body/field. Daissy typically sat with me for a few minutes before our sessions to understand what was most important to me to work on. She then worked on me using physical touch to ground my out-of-control energy. Daissy's hands are miraculous! The sessions were always intense, and the results were notable. I could literally feel her repairing my energy whether she was physically touching me or not. After every session, I felt calm, clear, and like I had taken another step towards health and healing. I was dealing with some intense personal issues, including a major career change, coming to terms with a dysfunctional relationship, and growing into my purpose in life. Daissy literally helped me to heal, to gain the confidence and the strength to work towards and accomplish those goals. I am forever grateful to Daissy for helping me to regain enough presence of mind to grow and become the person I was striving to be.”

Lisa Dobia, LMFT

“Working with Daissy has been essential to my well-being and health. Her loving ability to give helps me clear my stress levels, open my energy paths, and experience a deep and profound release of energetic blockage. I can go back out into the world revived, rejuvenated, and full of zip and sparkle. She helps me relax and brings out my positive ambiance, helps me to understand and release the emotional charges at a deep level. I am so grateful to her. It has been a life-affirming experience right from the beginning. My times with Daissy are some of the most important and rewarding in my life.”

Carolyn Follett, Poet, CA

“Daissy is nothing short of a gift to the world. I met her through Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program and I have found her multi-modality approach to healing to be powerful. Daissy is empathetic and sensitive and uses both hands-on and distance healing to help her clients, working on several energetic levels at the same time. She brings in threads of indigenous wisdom and healing energies from other realms for the benefit of her clients, weaving and infusing these supportive and resonating energies to bring positive and much-needed change. Her approach to healing is both intensely focused and gentle and I highly recommend her sessions to anyone who needs a safe place to heal.”

Jo-Anne Brown – Energy Healer

“I have known Daissy for seven years. Working with her has been a journey of reflection and self-discovery. Daissy is gentle and compassionate; she walks you through new roads of growth allowing you to discover your own freedom and joy of being. She works at deep levels of consciousness bringing awareness and creating a safe place to experience the wholeness of life. She is very professional and never imposes her ideas or crosses boundaries that you are not ready to explore.”


“Daissy has been a big part of my healing, health, and well-being. I have experienced a profound transformation in all aspects of my life. Her loving and gentle approach has helped me through anxiety, grief, and a very challenging dysfunctional relationship. She has the gift of making you feel so loved and hold the safest and empowering space for you to open like a flower.”


“Daissy is an exceptional healer who is highly intuitive and empathetic, able to tune into her client's needs, and offer them the healing experience they might not even realize that they need. She also has decades of experience and skillful technique, in addition to vast life experience that makes her truly a master of her art. Over the years, Daissy has helped me release so many deep-seated blockages and wounds so that my energy can flow in a high vibrational realm that allows me to continually step into transformation, empowerment, and love. She is truly an angel.”

Leza, Yoga Instructor & Writer, USA

“No single person has affected the quality and fulfillment of my life as Daissy has. She is deeply committed to the energetic well-being of each of her clients. We are each the benefactors and the victims of forces emanating from the labyrinth of our own minds, distant echoes from our own past. Seemingly unrelated experiences, successes, and failures are, for the most part, of our own making. The world and energetic space which each of us inhabits is directly shaped by us and is fueled by the energy of the universe. Daissy empowered me with the mastery to transform these life-shaping forces to the betterment of my own life, love, and career. She is a very rare and gifted soul and a person I cannot recommend highly enough.”

O.C., CEO, Los Angeles

“I first came to see Daissy over three decades ago when I was addicted to cocaine. I will never forget leaving my first appointment with her feeling renewed and so much better than I could remember feeling in a very long time. Seeing how much better I could feel as opposed to my current sorry state was a big wake-up call, which I took to heart. I continued to see her regularly and this became a big part of my recovery. I have always said that I got more out of a session with Daissy than any therapist or AA/NA meeting. The combination of spiritual guidance and energy work was exactly what I needed. Daissy had a lot to do with helping me step onto my true life’s path. Today, I am a healthy, music producer/engineer with a successful recording studio and a happy family life. I will be forever grateful for all of her wise and loving care. ”

Ari Rios, Laughing Tiger Studios


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