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Your Energy Healing Process

In a healing session, we focus on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life. Together, we bring awareness to all of these aspects of your life as a whole. I will listen to all of the energies, entities, forces, and elements to address the foundation of the core issues you wish to transform. All of our work together will flow naturally. I use my inherent connection to higher energies and intuitive skills to find those areas in your body’s energy field and chakras that are blocked or stagnant.


Through a healing dialogue, we explore different states of consciousness and ways to relate to yourself, connect with your deeper purpose, and create the life you desire. We can discover possibilities to unblock the hidden negative frequencies, patterns, and habitual tendencies, some of which may be coming from long ago. Dissolving these blocks will clear the way for you to manifest your ultimate goals in life. This work is a type of energy therapy.

I use my ability to connect with you in the energetic field to help you connect with your own inner healing power for transformation. Together, we enter a process and space where mystery, miracle, and wonder are woven together to create what is needed in your life. We do this from a place of self-connection, authenticity, and inner divine power. Your session will be co-creative, gentle, loving, and empowering.

Reclaim Your Power

When you connect deeply with yourself through conscious awareness, you will find the ability to embrace yourself and make the necessary shifts to experience the freedom connected with your higher self. As an intuitive healer, I facilitate a bridge to higher consciousness for healing guidance so you can embrace your life purpose and create a new life. As a result, you not only manifest your goals and open to a new beginning, but you also reclaim your own personal power. 

You will also come away with easy practices you can use in every aspect of your life. We can work together either in person, through video conferencing, or via phone.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Shifting patterns that no longer serve you

  • ● Habitual patterns such as addictions, compulsive eating, smoking, drinking, repetitive thoughts, and limiting beliefs

  • ● Releasing the imprints in the energy field that create habitual patterns, emotions, and behaviors that are holding you back

Healing physical and mental conditions

  • ● Healing emotional stresses and imbalances that manifest as physical misalignments

  • ● Recovery from serious accidents, injuries, or chronic conditions

  • ● Reducing symptoms such as inflammation and acute pain

Transforming relationships

  • ● Relating to yourself, your family, spouse, children, co-workers, friends, authority, and spiritual communities in a more healthy and positive way

  • ● Attracting a new relationship, such as romantic, friendship, business, etc.

  • ● Transitioning out of a relationship and coming into alignment with yourself

  • ● Creating healthier relationships with others

  • ● Rediscovering your relationship with your body and health

Client Praise

“I have progressed to a deeper level of releasing patterns that are not supportive of creating the life I would like to live. This has allowed me to be more fully present to manifest the life I desire. I now believe everything is possible, and that there are no limitations in life except for the ones I place upon myself.”

—J.F., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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