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Farias Alchemy

You have come to a place of intuitive energy healing where you are seen, heard, and held. We offer intuitive energy healing, space clearing, and mandala ceremonies. Connect with your unique wisdom, engage with your essence, ignite your passion for life, and come home to your true self.

By working with energy as medicine, your Intuitive Healer, Daissy Farias Koch, will guide you through the quantum fields of time and space. You connect like a beacon of light with your inner wisdom and energy intelligence during the process. She will facilitate a bridge to your higher consciousness for healing guidance, so you can embrace your life purpose and create a new life.

It is a co-creative process to transform and embrace your life purpose and harmonize with your inner intelligence. Through this process, you will recognize and release disharmonious belief systems, stuck emotions, unnecessary patterns, and other beliefs. Once you release them, you will transform them into positive, life-affirming gifts.

Daissy has been helping hundreds of individuals like you, both on a one-on-one basis and in groups. It is a humbling experience for Daissy to witness you giving yourself the gift of Divine Healing. She feels honored to be trusted to support your inner work.

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Intuitive energy healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

shift patterns with Farias Alchemy

Shift Habitual Patterns

Release the imprints in the energy field, creating new habits and patterns that align with your true self, including addictions, compulsive eating, limiting beliefs, etc.

heal conditions with Farias Alchemy

Heal Conditions

Heal emotions that manifest as physical misalignments, recover from injuries or chronic conditions, reduce symptoms and pain.

transform relationships with Farias Alchemy

Transform Relationships

Relate to the world in a more healthy and positive way, attract a new relationship, transition out of a relationship, reframe your relationship with yourself, reconnect with your inner power, joy, and purpose.

1 Hour
$ 200
1.5 Hour
$ 300
2 Hours
$ 400
Package of 6
1 Hour
$ 1,050
Package of 6
1.5 Hour
$ 1,600
space clearing

Space Clearing
Harmonize Your Physical Space

unlock stagnant energy

Unblock Stagnant Energy

Uplift your physical space and unblock stagnant energy frequencies.

harmonize and clear space

Harmonize and Clear Space

This beautiful and profound sacred ceremony cleanses and consecrates the energy of physical space.

prepare for new beginnings

Prepare for New Beginnings

Prepare the space for a newborn, new relationship, new business, a marriage.

mandala sacred ceremonies

Mandala Sacred Ceremonies

mandalas for weddings and births

Weddings & Births

Integrate a mandala into your special occasion, or have Daissy officiate your wedding or blessing ceremony.

mandala for memorials

Mandala for Memorials

Hold a mandala ceremony for the loss of a loved one, pet or major life transition.

mandalas for special events

Mandala for Other Events

Create a mandala ceremony for important life events, such as major transitions, new jobs, new homes, etc.

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Uplift your physical space and unblock stagnant energy frequencies.

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Healing Crystals

Healing crystals that support your energy work and transformation

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Farias Alchemy

P.O. Box 2788

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inspiration about gratitude


"Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside."

Louis Armstrong
inspiration new world

New World

"On the surface, we see the Fire, but beneath in the darkness and quiet, the Seeds of a new world are beginning to germinate. "

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD
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"To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day."

Lao Tzu